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3 Quarter Pictures has its origins in South Africa and is an African production company that thinks globally. It is the partnership between Director Justice Mukheli from the photographic trio of I See A Different You and Executive Producer Neil Roberts. Together Justice and Neil want to take their like- minded vision and likeable idiosyncrasies and make collaborating on a project with them efficient, interesting and meaningful.

About Justice
Justice is a former agency Art Director with experience in agencies such as Ogilvy Mather Johannesburg and Draft FCB, and brings with him an innate understanding of agency, client and brands.

As a director he is driven to tell heartfelt stories and this is especially apparent when speaking to him and he intrinsically sees a story in each encounter in his life. Known as a ‘ Social Activist, ’ Justice’s journey of crafting unique human stories began with taking photographs to portray Soweto and Africa in the beautiful and positive light as he saw and experienced it as one of a trio in ‘ I See a Different You. ‘

Ultimately having experienced exactly what life was like in Soweto, their goal as I See a Different You was always philanthropically driven. In Soweto they drove the School Class Photo project where they introduced the annual class photograph at Emshukantambo High School by donating cameras and teaching the Grade 10 kids to take class photos for the whole school as a reminder of their schooldays. And to get old boys to act as mentors to instill pride and ambition in the youth.

ISADY were invited to exhibit their photographic works in Tokyo, Japan as well as the Museum of African Design in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

See more information in this documentary on I See a Different You.

Join us on this new journey as Justice translates his love of multi medium disciplines, such as photography, sculpting, music and painting to directing live visuals, be it for commercials, documentaries or music videos.

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